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    Praise Reports

    • There have been no new cases of Ebola in Liberia for some time. God protected each church member. There were no deaths from any of the churches.
    • In addition to the schools reopening, God provided Mr. Anthony Johr who will serve as the new principal for Paynesville School.
    • Pastor Moses recently moved into his new house.
    • The church in Paynesville now has electricity!  No more generator noise (or smell) during church.  This is a game changer for the ministry in Paynesville!‚Äč
    • Pastor John Glay has made some level of progress. At first Pastor John could not sit or stand by himself, he used to be carried by friends and family members. But now Pastor John manages to stand

     Most Recent Prayer Requests

    • Three potential new pastors have been chosen for future church plants. Please pray for these men as they go through the assessment process.
    • The Paynesville School is in need of sponsors for students who cannot afford the school fees. The cost per year for each child is $200.
    • Hunger is a concern among the congregations and has been made more severe by effects of the Ebola virus on the Liberian economy. Please pray for God to meet daily needs of food for church families and the schools.
    • For protection of Liberian pastors, their families and Harvest Liberia as we are living amidst great fear over the Ebola crisis. Pray for healing of our nation from this deadly virus.
    • Pray that God will give the churches effective ways to present the gospel so that this situation will be turned into an opportunity for Liberians to discover Jesus Christ.
    • Please pray for provisions for the Liberian people. Economic difficulties are escalating every day. There is already shortage of food in cities and most villages, towns and cities.
    • Please pray for the provision of materials for sanitation. Health Ministry and World Health Organization have said that one of the ways to prevent the virus is through sanitation. Many people are not even able to afford.
    • Pastor John Glay's healing. He was discharged when the hospitals became isolation wards. He is lying at home. He suffered a stroke and has high blood pressure symptoms.
    • For Pastor Moses and the other Senior Pastors' families in Liberia
    • Qualified men who will serve as leaders
    • Generators for Harvest Paynesville, Harvest Buchanan, and Harvest Caldwell
    • For our Theological students
    • For our nation Liberia as we face many challenges
    • Completion of our school building project in Paynesville before the next academic season
    • Digging of three wells for Harvest Caldwell, Harvest Buchanan and for the home of Pastor Moses
    • More disciples to be made in our various communities
    • Motorbike for Pastor Augustus Ben. This will help the pastor
    • Construction of homes for Pastor Emmanuel Glay and William Jacobs' homes
    • Restrooms for Harvest Buchanan and Caldwell

    Ongoing Prayer Requests

    Ebola Virus

    From Harvest Paynesville Senior Pastor, Moses Wheigar

    "There are over 834 Ebola cases and 466 deaths in Liberia. Ebola is becoming more dangerous every day. As you may know many people have died and others are lying in a hospital as most of the hospitals in the country have been closed down because of fear of the virus that has also killed many national and foreign doctors, nurses and other health workers and has infected several others in the country. We are living in serious fear and danger. The most dangerous thing about the situation in the country now is that other people who are sick and could be treated and healed are also dying from other sicknesses such as malaria, diarrhea, chloride, etc, because of the fear of Ebola, and the lack of hospitals. 

    The President since declared a State of Emergency. Other places but not limited to our borders, some major market places and schools have been closed down, and the movement of people have been restricted. Some communities are been quarantined. A curfew was just imposed across the country. The situation is also increasing our many difficulties already in the country.


    Despite the Ebola crisis, the fear, danger, and the many challenges we face daily, our churches are still meeting on Sundays for worship, and other activities during the week."

    Post Civil War

    Rebuilding after 14 years of brutal civil war, for people who fought on different sides to be reconciled to Christ and one another and for the government as they rebuild the infrastructure of the country

    Harvest Churches

    Holiness and intentional discipleship

    Church Planting

    New church plant opportunities in the capital of Monrovia and Godly pastors to lead and feed the flock of God

    Harvest Christian Academies

    3 Harvest Christian Academies exist today, for children to be trained in righteousness to act and think biblically

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